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HIV Services Early Intervention Program (E.I.P.)
The Early Intervention Program at Trinitas Regional Medical Center is dedicated to providing primary medical care, case management and prescription drug assistance to individuals from Union County who are HIV positive

Professional, caring staff

Safe, secure environment

Warm, friendly atmosphere

Multidisciplinary team approach

Primary Medical Care
Medical care for the HIV+ individual:


Comprehensive medical care provided by physicians specializing in infectious diseases

Gynecology referrals for women

Medication management

Coordination of inpatient and outpatient care

Screening for Tuberculosis (TB)

Pneumonia, flu and hepatitis vaccines administered

On site care available Monday through Friday

Education regarding medications, treatments and risk reduction

Follow-up care

Case Management Services
We provide a link to the following community resources:

Counseling (individual and group)

Referrals to substance abuse and psychiatric services

Financial and benefit counseling

Food, housing and emergency assistance referral

Prescription assistance

Assistance with permanency planning of minor children

Ongoing follow-up

Steps for Enrollment into the Early Intervention Program
1. Stop by the clinic, Monday through Friday during business hours to register. Once registered you will be given an appointment for admission lab work. Laboratory specimens are collected on Mondays. At this time a TB screening test will be administered and you will need to return in 48-72 hours for this test to be reviewed by a nurse.

2. You will receive an appointment to meet with a RN and Medical Case Manager. Each will ask you a series of questions in order to obtain a personal health history, perform an assessment, and develop a multidisciplinary plan of care. This meeting will occur on a Friday and will take approximately 2 hours. After this assessment is completed you will receive an appointment to see the physician.

3. On the day of your physician appointment you will be examined, have your laboratory results explained and receive prescriptions and education for necessary medications. On each following visit you will meet with the nurse and case manager to see if you have any additional needs and update your plan of care. Follow up physician visits will be scheduled as ordered by the physician. You will be at the clinic approximately two hours for your initial visit with the physician.

Be sure to bring the following at time of registration:

Two (2) forms of ID, one with photo

Documentation of your HIV status

Proof of address

Medical insurance card

Entitlement award letters

Social Security Income

Social Security Disability


County Welfare


If you have a Health Management Organization (HMO) you will need a referral form from your primary care physician

For More Information
Early Intervention Program
655 Livingston Street
Monastery Building- 2nd Floor
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07206

Hours of Service
Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm
Last Tuesday of the month, 8am-7pm

NJ AIDS HOTLINE 1-800-624-2377



Email Us

225 Williamson St., Elizabeth, NJ 07207  908-994-5000

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