Child/Adolescent Outpatient Unit

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The Child/Adolescent Outpatient Unit offers a full compliment of services for children, adolescents, their parents and families. Our goals are to improve communication, promote problem solving and crisis resolution, improve behavior, therapeutically stabilize seriously impaired individuals, cooperate with school systems to stabilize placements, and to facilitate family harmony.

Services Provided


Group Therapy
Through the use of group therapy, children and adolescents are able to share their experiences, and learn that they are not alone in their fears, anxieties, and behaviors. Some of our specialized groups include: Social Skill/Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Bereavement, Sexual Abuse, Teen Issues and Parenting Skills.


Art Therapy
Art Therapy uses a variety of techniques to assist children, adolescents and families to work collaboratively to learn appropriate and adaptive behaviors, and to communicate thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening manner.


Psychiatric Evaluation
Board Certified psychiatrists provide evaluations and psychopharmacological treatment. Evaluations are conducted (1) to formulate treatment plans, especially when the child/adolescent is deemed at risk for self-injurious or aggressive behaviors, and (2) to assess the need for medication and follow-up.


Individual Therapy
We offer short-term, solution focused individual therapy to assist children and adolescents who require an individualized approach to their difficulties.


Family Therapy
Short-term solution focused family therapy brings together the individuals most involved in a child's life to improve communication and to learn effective problem solving skills.


Psychoeducation Groups
These provide consultation with schools and social service agencies.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals works together to provide all our services. Board certified psychiatrists, advanced practice nurses, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors and master's level clinicians provide our treatment services.

Specialized Treatment Programs
Our staff has been trained to offer specialized treatment for attention deficit disorder victims of sexual abuse, sexually abusive youth, and children at risk due to fire setting behaviors.

Hours of Operation
The Child/Adolescent Outpatient Unit is open from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday - Saturdays by appointment. Every effort is made to work with the patient and family to schedule appointments at mutually convenient times.

Referrals are accepted from parents, school personnel, guardians, Division of Youth and Family Services, Courts and other social service agencies. To make a referral or to obtain additional information regarding consultatoins or off-site services, please call (908) 994-7223. All referrals are confidential.

Treatment services are available in English and Spanish.



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