Child/Adolescent Partial Hospitalization

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The goal of the Child and Adolescent Full and Half day Partial Hospital Program is to work in partnership with children and their families to maintain children with emotional and psychiatric needs in their homes and in the community. We collaborate with families, schools and community agencies to plan strategies and interventions, which support the child's safe level of functioning at home and in a community setting.

Full Day Partial Hospital Program
The Full Day Partial Hospital Program provides an intensive therapeutic milieu for youth between the ages of 5-17. The program is open Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm. Lunch is provided and transportation is available for parts of Union County and a select area in Essex County. Academic education is provided as approved by the home school district.

Half-Day Partial Hospital Program
The Half-Day Partial Hospital Program provides an intensive milieu for youth between the ages of 9-17. The program is open Monday-Friday, 4:30-8pm. Transportation is provided for parts of Union County. Dinner is provided.

The children and adolescents enrolled in the Full or Half Day Partial Hospital Program participate and receive the following services:

Psychiatric Evaluation


Creative Arts Therapies

Psychological Evaluation


Group Therapies

Individual Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Family Therapy


Medication Evaluation/Monitoring

Parent Support Groups




We have a multidisciplinary staff that includes: Progam Assistants, Family Specialists, Master Level Clinicians, Nursing and Child Psychiatrists. Along with the family and child, treatment plans are developed and regularly evaluated. The Full and Half Day Partial Hospital Program institutes a behavior modifications system that encourages positive behavior.

Some of the goals of the Full and Half Day Partial Hospital Program are:

To increase social skills


To improve impulse control

To teach coping mechanisms


To decrease aggression

To improve frustration tolerance


To provide crisis management

To improve
communication skills


To assist families in managing
their child's behavior most effectively

To enhance self-esteem




The Full and Half-Day Partial Hospital Program is part of a continuum of care at Trinitas Regional Medical Center. The Full Day partial hospital Program is typically used as a step-down for children and adolescents coming from an inpatient unit. The program helps them return to the community with support and continuity. The Full Day Partial hospital Program can also help prevent hospitalization, by stabilizing behaviors before they require an inpatient level of care.

The Half-Day Partial Hospital Program is typically used to help children and adolescents stabilize their behaviors while enrolled in school as to not interrupt their routine. The Half Day Partial Hospital Program can also be used as a step -down from Full Day Partial Hospital Program to help continue support for the child and their family once they return to school

Referral Process
Referrals can be made by calling 908-994-7722 or 994-7723 to request a referral form. Referral forms can be faxed to 908-994-7247. The Admission/Referral Specialist will schedule an intake evaluation with the child and guardian after receiving a referral form. A psychiatrist conducts the intake evaluation and is managed by a multidisciplinary treatment team throughout their stay.

Program Director: 908-994-7850



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