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Diabetes: Cholesterol Control
It is very important for everyone to control their cholesterol levels, especially diabetics. Diabetics are at higher risk for blood vessel damage and cholesterol deposits to occur in their blood vessels. This can lead to many problems such as poor circulation, heart attacks and stroke.

Saturated fats, which tend to be your solid fats such as butter, contain a lot of cholesterol. You should use these sparingly.

Polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats, which are liquid form, contain lower levels of cholesterol, such as olive and canola oil. These are the fats from which you should get most of your fat calories.

Trans fats (hydrogenated oils) are extremely unhealthy and should not be consumed at all.

Reading food labels will tell you the percentage of saturated and unsaturated fats contained in food. Try to keep your fat calories at 20% of your total calorie intake. This will provide for a healthy diet which would be low in cholesterol.

Your total cholesterol levels should not exceed 200. For men, the total HDL levels (good cholesterol) should be at least 40, and for women, at least 50. Your LDL levels (bad cholesterol) should not exceed 100, and for those with a history of blood vessel disease, no more than 70. Triglycerides (fatty acids) should not exceed 150.

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