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Diabetes: How to Read a Food Label
When reading a food label, you should always look at the serving size first. The numbers on the label refer to the amounts found in one serving, not the whole package.

The total carbohydrate content will tell you how high your blood glucose will go, not the sugar content. One portion of a carbohydrate is 15 gms.

Fiber is an importance part of glucose control. It is a form of carbohydrate, but is not broken down by the body, thereby lowering the glucose effect of the total carbohydrates ingested. It is recommended that people eat at least 20-35 gms. of fiber a day.

A portion of protein equals 7 gms. Protein helps stabilize blood glucose and is an important part of the diabetic meal plan. Most people eat more protein than they actually need.

Fat is an essential ingredient to a healthy diet, but it should be high in unsaturated fat and low in saturated fat. Trans fats should be completely avoided. Saturated fats tend to be your solid fats, whereas unsaturated fats tend to be in liquid form. One portion of fat contains 5 gms. of fat.

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