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Diabetes: The Low-Down on Stress
Stress is something that we cannot avoid. When stress occurs, it is important to recognize where it's coming from.

Is the stress self-induced or is it something beyond your control? The answer to that question will determine how you should proceed to try and manage it.

When our bodies or minds are stressed, our body produces a hormone called cortisol. This hormone elevates blood glucose levels beyond what they normally would be, so it's important to try and control the stress in our lives. Stress also is responsible for higher blood pressure and heart rates, which are also detrimental to your health.

If your source of stress is self-induced, you should make changes to what you are doing to cause the stress.

If your source of stress is unavoidable, you can take measures to control how you respond to the stress.

The most important factor is recognizing stress for what it is. If you can't change it, change how you react to it. Getting upset will only make it worse. Talking to a friend or counselor, joining a support group, yoga, exercise or medication can help alleviate the effects of stress.

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