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Diabetes 101
Diabetes results from defects in insulin production which results in too-high blood glucose (sugar) levels in the blood. Over time, the high glucose levels damage the inner lining of the blood vessels causing complications such as heart disease, stroke, amputations, circulatory problems, nerve damage, kidney disease, blindness, gum disease and others.

It is a chronic, lifelong condition that can be managed with the proper knowledge and skills. Diabetics, working together with their health care providers and support network can lower their risks of developing complications from diabetes.

Diabetes Self-Management education is a prescribed diabetes management tool. At the Diabetes Center we offer educational classes on all aspects of diabetes, including healthy eating, monitoring, exercise, risk reduction, stress management, problem solving and taking medications. At the completion of the diabetes self-management course, you receive a diploma.

Our program is designed to meet your needs in your busy life. You can complete the course in as little as one or two months or take as long as a year. After completion of the main course, we will continue to monitor you every 3 months to assist with any problems that you may be experiencing and to keep you apprised of any changes in diabetes care.

We offer a no-cost support group that meets monthly on the first Tuesday of every month from 2-3 pm. It is a good time to share ideas, discuss problems, meet friends and learn new things or refresh yourself on things that you may have forgotten.

Our Fitness Center at Trinitas also offers discounts on membership costs to graduates of our Diabetes Program. It is a good way to continue your diabetes success.

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