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 What Is ICE?
ICE means In Case of Emergency. It's a new proactive program designed to provide emergency personnel with your "next of kin" emergency contact list via your cell phone in emergency situations if you are unable to give the information yourself.

How Is It Done?
Simply put the letters ICE with any emergency contact name in your cell phone address book. It's that easy!

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Consumer Health


Additional Personal Health & Safety Tips






Lyme Disease



Staying Warm: Coping with a Power Outage in Winter


Bird Flu Information



Bird Flu



CDC Bird Flu Fact Sheets



Pandemic Preparedness Checklist


Clinical Trials



Clinical Trials


Dictionary (Medical)



Deciphering Medspeak


Disasters & Emergencies



Medline Plus Disasters/Emergency Preparedness


Disaster Preparedness & Recovery


Disaster Preparation, Response & Recovery Information. For the Community & General Public


Disaster can strike quickly and without warning. How to cope if basic services, such as water, gas, electricity and telephones were cut off. Knowing what to do is your best protection and your personal responsibility.



"After a Disaster"



Are You Ready for A Heatwave? (Red Cross)



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"Emergency Salvage of Flood Damaged Family Papers"



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Home Insurance Tips After a Disaster



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Preparedness Tips (Handouts)



Preparing Your Family for Disaster



Thunderstorms (Red Cross)



Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe During a Disaster


Drug Information






Rx Internet Drug Index


First Aid & Emergency Care



Choking (adults/children 1-8 yrs)



Choking (infants less than 1 yrs)



Early Heart Attack Care



First Aid Emergencies



Poison Control Fact Sheet



Poison Control Fact Sheet



Quick CPR (adults)



Quick CPR (children)


For Kids



Things to Know: How to Prepare for Emergenices (FEMA)


General Health Care Sites



American Self-Help Clearinghouse Sourcebook



Best Caregiver Info



CBS Healthwatch



Consumer & Patient Health Info (Library Association)



Dr. Koop



Family Doctor (American Academy of Family Physicians)



General Health Care Sites



Health A to Z



Health Finder



Healthy NJ






Lab Tests Online



Mayo Clinic Health Oasis



Medline Plus









UC Berkeley Wellness Letter



Virtual Hospital



Virtual Hospital: Common Health Problems in Adults



What You Should Know about Herbal Health Products



Your Surgery


Government Health Sites




MedlinePlus (Spanish version)

MedlinePlus Current Health News


Health Videos



Breast Cancer Awareness


Hospitals & Physicians Directories



Best Hospitals



Certified Doctor Verification Service (American Board of Medical Specialties)


Medical Textbooks 



Merck Manual of Medical Information




Natural Disasters



Fire! (Red Cross)



Flooding & Flash Flood Safety (Red Cross)



Home Fire Safety



Hurricanes (Red Cross)



Lightning FAQ (FEMA)



Winter Emergencies (Red Cross)



Winter Storms (FEMA)





American Red Cross Home Page



APIC (Assoc Professionals in Infection Control Bioterrorism Resources)



Centers for Disease Control


Patient Education Materials (UI Hospitals and Clinics)



UI Hospitals and Clinics


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Consumer Health for Kids/Teens



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Como Prepararse Para lo Inesperado


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CDC Traveler's Health



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