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Electronic Delivery
Do you have an email address?  If so you can get your articles within hours not days through electronic delivery!*

NLM has begun changing over to electronic delivery as the preferred delivery method to phase out traditional mailings.

What are your choices?


Posted to the Web - a hyperlink to the requested document will be sent through email

Email Attachment - documents can be sent in this format

Ariel -not yet available at Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Fax - if you need it even faster, documents can be faxed directly to you (surcharge applied)

What do I do?

First, you must get or have an email address

Then put it on the ILL request form or give it to the library staff upon ordering if you would like the article delivered directly to your desktop


If you prefer, the document can be emailed directly to the staff's email address for pickup in the library

That's all there is to it!


*National Library of Medicine document delivery service only at this time

**Please note that most ILLs processed through the Library are fulfilled via our free cooperative networks and are not ordered from NLM as a first choice because NLM is a charge service ($9.00-11.00 per document. However should your document originate from NLM, this new service will be offered for your convenience.

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