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Colorectal surgeon describes the minimally-invasive procedure as a "game changer"

Saying it "completely changes how we treat hemorrhoids," Andrea Zimmern, MD, Colorectal Surgeon at Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth has become the first surgeon in Union County to carry out Transanal Hemorrhoidal Dearterialization (THD) procedures on her patients. The introduction of this groundbreaking, minimally-invasive procedure marks another milestone for Trinitas, as the medical center continues to play a leading role in bringing innovative technological advances to their operating theatres—leading to consistently better outcomes for their patients.

"The THD procedure is virtually painless," Dr. Zimmern says. "It's a drastic, positive change from traditional surgery which is very painful and can leave patients out of work for as long as two weeks. As a result, most people suffering from hemorrhoids would rather continue to suffer than endure that post-surgical discomfort. THD changes the game, because we’ve removed that discomfort while minimizing recovery time."

Dr. Zimmern cites the recent case of a male patient with hemorrhoidal prolapse and bleeding. "He underwent a THD procedure and was back at work in two days," she says.

The THD procedure can be used to relieve hemorrhoids grade 2-4 and is usually performed in less than one hour. More than 50,000 procedures were carried out across the country last year, and TRMC, through the work of Dr. Zimmern, is the first hospital in Union County to offer this surgical option.

"THD is a valuable option – a huge benefit to our patients," Dr. Zimmern says. "We tie off all the blood vessels that feed the hemorrhoid, and work in an area of the anal canal that has no pain sensory innervation. Patients are back to normal activities usually in less than a week. That's an amazing advancement when you consider what hemorrhoid surgery used to mean."

Candidates are patients who have bleeding hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidal prolapse and who have failed other treatments like medication, dietary adjustments or banding.

Trinitas Regional Medical Center's introduction of the THD procedure is the latest in a series of cutting-edge developments at the facility. In November, 2013 Trinitas surgeon Rodolfo Colaco, MD, performed Union County's first cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal) via the daVinci Single-Site procedure.


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Posted: May 5, 2014

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