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Patient Guide
We have created an online version of our Patient Guide for you to use before, during or after your hospital stay. It contains a lot of important and useful information, as you will see in the Index on the right. We hope you find the information to be helpful, and that it helps you understand what you can expect from us, and what we can expect from you and those that visit you while you're a patient at Trinitas Regional Medical Center.

Patient and Family Healthcare Responsibilities
In order for us to be able to provide for your needs, we need some help from you and your family. While we will do everything possible to treat your illness/condition, we ask that you be responsible for doing the following:


Give accurate and complete information about your present illness/condition, past illnesses, past hospitalizations, past medications, and any other information about your health.


Report immediately to the nurse any changes in your health that you or your family may notice.


Ask questions when you don't understand something about your care. Every question is a good question!


Follow the plan of care developed by your doctors, nurses, and yourself. The plan has been developed to assist you on your road to recovery, and not following it could delay this process.

Follow the hospital's rules on visiting hours and smoking.

Treat everyone with courtesy and respect.


Be considerate of other patients' needs for rest, quiet, and privacy.


Respect hospital property as well as the private property of other patients and hospital personnel. Hospital property should not be removed from the hospital premises.


Provide complete and accurate information necessary for processing your hospital bill.

Be responsible for items on your bill not covered by insurance.

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