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About Your Room
Trinitas Regional Medical Center offers patients semi-private rooms in comfortable surroundings. Room assignments are determined by availability, the patient's medical needs, and personal preferences. Although we make every effort to accommodate individual room requests, alternate arrangements may be necessary due to crowded conditions, emergencies or other situations.

Advance Directive
As a patient at Trinitas Regional Medical Center, you have the right to participate in decisions regarding your medical treatment.

Moreover, New Jersey law protects the rights of individuals who may not be able to participate in decisions regarding their health care due to serious illness or injury. By preparing a document called an Advance Directive or Living Will, you may ensure that your wishes regarding medical treatment will be followed even if you are too ill to participate in the decisions involving your treatment. You may also designate an individual you trust, called a healthcare proxy, to make decisions for you in the event you cannot do so yourself.

If you would like more information, please contact the Pastoral Care Office at extension 5011 or the Social Service Office at extension 5136.

Educational Sessions
An informed patient makes a speedier recovery. Trinitas Regional Medical Center conducts several group learning sessions. These include sessions on diabetes, ostomy, cardiac care, and child and baby care.

You and your family are invited to participate while you are a patient. Contact your nurse for additional information.

Ethical Concerns About Your Care
If you have ethical concerns about your care, the Trinitas Regional Medical Center staff is available to assist you. Your physician, your nurse, the members of the Pastoral Care Department, and the members of the Social Services Department each have special skills that may be helpful to you as you explore your concerns and your choices regarding your care. Please feel free to contact any or all of these healthcare team members to discuss any issues you may have about your care.

The Pastoral Care Department may be reached at extension 5119. Social Services may be reached at extension 5136.

General Questions?
If you have a question or concern regarding your stay at Trinitas Regional Medical Center, please begin by speaking with your nurse.

Each nursing unit also has a nurse manager who is responsible for the management of the entire nursing unit and who is available to assist you with any problems. If you need additional assistance, please contact the Operator and ask her to contact the Nursing Supervisor for you at other times.

Organ Donation
New state and federal laws require hospitals to have written procedures assuring that potential organ and tissue donors and their families are made aware of the option of organ and tissue donation. Anyone wishing to complete an organ and tissue donor card may do so upon request. Contact the Nursing Office at extension 5362, or ask your nurse, for more information.

Volunteer Visits
The Volunteer Office has implemented a Spirit of Service (SOS) program to provide you with increased comfort while you are in Trinitas Regional Medical Center.

Specially trained volunteers visit patients to offer games, playing cards, puzzles, tapes, talking books, and large-print books at no charge. Volunteers will also help with letter-writing, reading or in-hospital errands.

Volunteers deliver newspapers to patient rooms for purchase Monday through Friday and deliver patients' mail, flowers, and packages. Flowers are not permitted in the Intensive Care Units, Operating Room, and Recovery Room.

As a courtesy, volunteers take newborn pictures in the Maternity Unit as arranged with Nursing.

Trinitas Regional Medical Center and its patients benefit greatly from the dedication of its volunteers. If there are additional ways in which they may assist you, please ask.



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