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A 56-year-old woman who had been a social worker came to THRIVE after being referred in February 2009. She was at Stage Five; in other words, she needed dialysis immediately.

The THRIVE team treated her for anemia and uremia and got the arteriovenous fistula fistula procedure done. But mostly they listened to her talk.

"She was scared," said Peggy Custode, Renal Clinician. "She was very much in denial about her condition. She had been apprehensive about her symptoms for 20 years. She was anxious that she wouldn't see her daughter go to college. We had to take time and give emotional support. Sometimes she would come and just vent for an hour, she was so scared. We listened and tried to give positive reinforcement."

As the THRIVE team worked with her, she began to feel better. She became very compliant with the regimen. Because of her compliance, the THRIVE team was able to refer her for a transplant. Her husband was willing to give her a kidney but wasn't a match. So the couple entered the organ SWAP program. The husband gave a kidney to a woman in California whose husband wasn't a match for her, and that husband gave a kidney to the social worker.

The social worker was transplanted 13 months after entering the THRIVE program, and, because she was compliant with the diet, medications, and fluid intake, she never had to start dialysis.

"Getting a transplant doesn't mean you are out of the woods for the rest of your life," Peggy said. "But this woman is doing fantastic. She can now eat regular food. Better yet, she is now able to walk from her house to the corner. She can get on the bus. Her compliance with the regimen opened doors for her."



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