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Am I the right person for peritoneal dialysis?
You and your doctor will decide if peritoneal dialysis is the right course of treatment for you. Your doctor and care team will use their judgment to see if you are a good candidate for peritoneal dialysis based on your individual needs.

How is peritoneal dialysis done?
Peritoneal dialysis is performed by instilling fluid into the abdomen via a surgically placed flexible tube. This fluid dwells in the abdominal cavity and then is drained and replaced with new dialysate fluid. This procedure can be performed either continuously for 24 hours a day or in some cases, exclusively overnight while sleeping.

What are the complications of peritoneal dialysis?
Peritoneal dialysis also has some complications. The most well known is peritonitis, which happens when infection gets into the dialysis fluid. Other complications include failure of the fluid to flow in and out of the tube, and constipation. More information about dialysis complications is available in the patient information booklet

What kind of training is involved?
Trinitas Regional Medical Center Peritoneal Dialysis Program provides training for patients who meet the criteria for home dialysis. Training varies from patient to patient, but typically a patient can learn the required skills within two to three weeks. The training is provided on an individualized basis and will be tailored to your needs.



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