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The High Risk-Intervention Via Education (THRIVE) Program at Trinitas.

THRIVE was founded at Trinitas 20 years ago by James McAnally, MD, as a result of his passion for early intervention with patients who have hypertension and diabetes, two of the primary causes of kidney disease.

"My professional career has been devoted to nephrology and to teaching patients how to manage their kidney disease," Dr. McAnally said. "People who have hypertension or diabetes need to take responsibility for their renal care before they experience significant kidney failure. If they participate in the THRIVE program, they enjoy a much higher quality of life. I'm passionate about that."

The goal of THRIVE is not only to slow the progression of kidney disease, but also to educate patients on treatment options, to improve compliance and outcomes, and to facilitate adjustment to dialysis, including physical and vocational rehabilitation. Learn about a patient who benefited from cooperating with the THRIVE care team.

While eventual kidney failure may not always be avoided, the THRIVE program can delay the onset of end stage renal disease and help lessen possible side effects.

"Proper management of hypertension and diabetes through diet, medication, and exercise can slow the progression of kidney disease," Dr. McAnally said. "We work to empower each patient to manage their own health. Without a doubt, patients who have some control over the disease process have better outcomes than those who don't."

THRIVE reaches out to high-risk patients before they experience significant kidney failure. While eventual kidney failure may not always be avoided, the THRIVE program can delay the onset of end-stage renal disease and help lessen side effects. THRIVE educates patients in medication and dietary management, community resources, support services, and dialysis modalities. The program also focuses on social and psychological matters that may affect treatment.

"THRIVE is housed in a friendly, relaxed setting, where staff members can address the anxiety that sometimes accompanies the diagnosis of kidney disease," said Joe McTernan, VP/Clinical Services at Trinitas. "The setting provides an ideal environment for helping patients and family members begin to understand and deal with their disease."

Our THRIVE program is based on the five "E's" of rehabilitation:

  1. Encouragement. The THRIVE team gives patients with impending kidney failure the encouragement they need to adopt a positive attitude toward rehabilitation.
  2. Education. The THRIVE team gives patients and their families the education they need to handle the sometimes profound life changes associated with chronic illness. We provide coping strategies for successful adaptation.
  3. Exercise. Gradual decline in muscle strength and endurance is due to inactivity. THRIVE patients are encouraged and counseled about exercise. There are many levels of activity to fit varying degrees of functional ability, from vigorous workouts for the otherwise healthy patient to stretching exercises for the chairbound.
  4. Employment Referrals. Occasionally there is a need to alter the patient's work environment to suit their healthcare needs. Our staff assists the patient in meeting this need.
  5. Evaluation. The staff members at Trinitas are committed to improving the quality of life for patients. Identifying patients early and educating them about kidney disease and how to comply with their treatment plan will enable them to manage their own health, which will improve outcomes.

To enter the THRIVE program you must be referred by your physician.

For additional information on the THRIVE program, please call Renal Clinician Peggy Custode at 908-994-5127 or Clinical Coordinator Raquel Caballero at 908-994-8920.



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