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Total Hip Replacement At Trinitas

Comprehensive care designed to meet your goals

Ask yourself these questions...
  • Do you find yourself avoiding daily activities you like to do because your hip hurts?
  • Does your hip hurt after walking a short distance?
  • Does your hip pain make it increasingly difficult to get in and out of a car or go up or down stairs?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above, discuss with your doctor if you are a candidate for a total hip replacement.

Comprehensive Care: Individually-Designed
At Trinitas Regional Medical Center, the most highly respected orthopedic surgeons in the region bring their expertise to our Total Joint Replacement Program. Their years of experience with a broad spectrum of cases make them highly qualified to help our patients. Our skilled nurses and physical and occupational therapists work together to achieve the best outcome for each patient.

Through every step of your total hip replacement experience, our team is dedicated to insure that your needs are met and your comfort is maximized.

Through our Pre-Admission Testing services, we will provide you a "one-stop shop" experience. We offer you and your surgeon a fast, coordinated experience in getting your clinical testing performed, and provide you with education about your total hip replacement, all in one convenient visit.

Your Hospital Stay: Comfort, Recovery, Pain Free Function
The finest post-operative care will be available to you through Trinitas Regional Medical Center. Your comfort and meeting your needs are what drive the services you will receive. Your rehabilitation will begin the day of surgery and will continue twice daily throughout your hospital stay. You will receive instruction in proper exercise and how to walk and move about with your new hip.

Upon discharge from the hospital, you and your surgeon will decide whether a stay at a rehabilitation facility to further your recovery is necessary.

If not, outpatient rehabilitation is available at our Health and Rehabilitation Center. Your rehabilitation schedule can be arranged prior to your discharge from the hospital.

Let Us Help You "Get Back in the Game!"

Call the Total Hip Replacement Program at 908-994-5406.

You Are Not Alone!
The first total hip replacement was performed in 1960. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that more than 285,000 total hip replacements are performed each year in the United States. Such surgeries help individuals who experience pain and loss of motion and strength that adversely affect their daily lives and their ability to engage in social and athletic activities.



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