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Lisa Conklin, PT, specialist in Women's
Health Physical Therapy, and James Dunleavy, Director, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, examine a portable biofeedback unit used to help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and overcome incontinence.



Pelvic Floor PT Program

Trinitas Regional Medical Center recently announced the creation of specialized physical therapy services target to female patients with pelvic floor and incontinence problems. "Our new physical therapy program provides a safe and effective alternative to surgery and medication," says James Dunleavy, Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. "By focusing on pelvic muscle strengthening and behavioral feedback, our program is designed to dramatically reduce or eliminate incontinence, prevent further dysfunction and restore control and quality of life. About 80 percent of incontinence cases can be improved or cured with this specialized physical therapy treatment."

For more information please call 908-994-5650.

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