eCards are being delivered during the Coronavirus crisis, but please limit cards to no more than one per day per patient.

Send an eCard!
Now you can send an eCard to a patient at our Williamson St. campus. Browse through our list of "Events" that correspond to a patient's condition or reason for hospitalization, select a photo or graphic to accompany your message, and then enter in your personal information and submit your request.

Delivery Process
For verification purposes, you will be sent an email. In the email, there is a link you must click to get to another page where you can confirm your email address. Only then will we send your eCard. We also use this to contact you in case there are any problems* that require us to contact you. eCards can only be delivered Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. Thus, if your request arrives late Friday afternoon, we may not be able to deliver it until the following Monday. eCards may not be delivered on holidays, either.

In an effort to remain compliant with HIPAA regulations, all greeting cards that we receive are handled confidentially. Upon receipt, staff in our Volunteer Services Department will print the greeting cards. The greeting card will be placed in a sealed envelope with the patient's name and room number written on the back. A volunteer will deliver the sealed envelope with the card enclosed. Please note that greeting cards will not be delivered to those individuals who opt out of the hospital registry and wish to maintain confidentiality during their stay at Trinitas Regional Medical Center.

Please limit your eCards to one eCard per patient, per day.

Click Here To Send an eCard

*Some of the problems that may prevent us from delivering your eCard:

  • a patient receiving an unusually large number of eCards that forces us to limit the quantity
  • a patient tells us they don't want to receive messages from anyone
  • you put in an incorrect name for the patient in the form you are submitting
  • your request arrives too late on a Friday (eCards received after 3PM on Fridays will be delivered the following Monday morning)
  • a patient is discharged or transferred to another location before or after your request comes in
  • an error in your email address that prevents us from confirming your identity
  • technical problems we may encounter that might prevent us from fulfilling your request
  • and other unexpected problems that might occur that are beyond our control or knowledge