Employee of the Month

Aliza Zimmer - February 2019 Employee of the Month

There's Something About Aliza...

Aliza, better known as Lizzie, has been with TRMC for several years in many different capacities. Since her years at CMRSS, she has always taken extra shifts in times of staffing shortages and increased volume. She comes in early, stays past her shift ends even when it poses a hardship for her family. Lizzie is a trainer to new employees. She has taken a five day certification training course sponsored by the State. This training is new model for working with behaviorally challenged children. She is now in charge of training new staff on this model, which is the Nurtured Heart Approach.

Lizzie is a member of the Traumatic Loss Coalition, which responds to schools after the death of a student or school personnel. Lizzie has responded to many schools throughout Union County and the schools have always been grateful for her empathy and kindness.

Lizzie always adheres to the hospital's Code of Conduct and is a star in representing the hospital internally and out in the community. Lizzie has been to hundreds of homes and schools and is always exceptionally polite and courteous with families in times of severe emotional crisis. She remains calm in the eye of the storm and is extremely knowledgeable of all the services TRMC offers and will often refer our families to the most appropriate service.

Lizzie is a "can do", "go to" person. She always has a smile on her face and demonstrates a fully vested interest in her work. This is the attitude that is displayed in this program and she ensures to teach this to all new employees. She goes above and beyond what is expected and this only makes the program better. Lizzie will not complain when given extra work assignments even if it means working weekends in order to stay on top of the volume.

Lizzie is adept and quite resourceful at finding non-traditional community based services that families can use. She will go out of her way to find recreational and educational programs that can be used to increase the health of our clients.

Not only will Lizzie offer to work extra hours but will assist colleagues and supervisors in helping with program assignments. She has taken on the work of our quality assurance program while also remaining a full-time mobile response worker. Lizzie freely shares her culture and the meaning of holidays that are important to her and her family. Lizzie is an active member of the department's cultural awareness committee and shares her perspective on how we can serve patients in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner.