Employee of the Month

Claudia Bobbitt - March 2019 Employee of the Month

There's Something About Claudia...

Claudia works tirelessly behind the scenes to compile and organize the required diplomas, awards, invitations and flower arrangements ensuring our Convocation ceremony is professional and a most memorable experience for graduates, their families and all other honored guests.

Claudia is the face of our School's Administrative office. She is highly effective, kind and the ultimate professional.

Claudia, having been at the School for thirty plus years, creates a sustaining presence. She consistently maintains a calm and professional demeanor and is always patient and kind to staff and students.

Claudia is always positive and cheerful with everyone she encounters. As a relatively new faculty member, Claudia always takes the time to help me find whatever it is I'm looking to find or understand. Whether in person or on the telephone, Claudia is a pleasant voice for our prospective students to hear when applying for our program – she makes everyone feel welcome.

I cannot tell you what a help Claudia has been for me as I transition in my role as a new administrative assistant. Claudia is always there to assist and guide me. It is not often I worked with such a team player. Claudia is an integral part of our team and success at the School.

Trinitas' Values Statement is to "provide service in a caring, personalized manner to all and serve as an advocate for those in greatest need". This is certainly evidenced with Claudia's interaction with our prospective, new and current students. During registration it is not uncommon for students to come to Claudia asking for her assistance with retrieving required documents. I have personally observed Claudia's calm, reassuring manner with students who are frustrated, crying and generally having a melt down because they forgot or were unaware of what was needed to enter our nursing program.

Claudia works very well under time pressure. She is very kind to students and helps faculty as much as she can.

Claudia is an extremely valuable member of the school team- very self directed, kind, patient, works independently with little direction. She is a joy to work with.