Employee of the Month

Rose Worthy - April 2019 Employee of the Month

There's Something About Rose...

When I first became the Manager of the Diagnostic department, I noticed that there were some key employees who took special care of the department for many years and Rose is one of these employees. It is very evident when watching her work that she has a personal feeling about the area and cares for it as if it were her own. Very recently Rose was called at home early on a Saturday by one of our administrators because we had a critical patient who was in desperate need of an EEG before having Neurosurgery. Rose didn't even hesitate. She got dressed and came in to help the patient on her day off, and not on-call.

Rose is a certified EKG and EEG tech. Even though her role at TRMC is primarily taking EKGs, she will always step up to help our EEG tech. Recently our EEG tech was out having surgery and Rose covered both EKG and EEG, she did this without any prompting from me and I never heard even the smallest complaint from her.

Rose also is responsible for our cardiology billing and completes this on time whenever it's due. Rose will help anyone in order to get the job done and make our department better.

Rose is an integral and key player in the EKG department; she coordinates the schedule, maintains equipment and fills in for EEG and holter techs as needed. Rose exhibits excellent customer service skills and takes all her responsibilities professionally.

Rose always takes special care of the patients and families that she comes in contact with. She is professional and dedicated. She never hesitates to help visitors that are lost and will stop and answer any questions she is asked.

Rose is a dedicated TRMC employee. She goes above and beyond her duties to ensure great patient care. She is a resource for other staff members in the department and always treats patients with care and respect.