Employee of the Month

Jeanna Lopez-Vargas - May 2019 Employee of the Month

There's Something About Jeanna...

Jeanna goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service with new employees. Jeanna helps me with the ID badges and parking passes, etc. for all new employees. She has made this process seamless. She works quickly and carefully. Jeanna even helps me to have the badges done earlier than the Friday before orientation when needed because of my schedule.

All new orientees, who need to see Jeanna for any badge changes, or to have their picture taken etc, during lunch time of HWO come back saying how friendly and efficient Jeanna is. Jeanna is an excellent example of great customer service and her attitude should be emulated.

Whenever Jeanna is asked for help with something, she gets it done, quickly and efficiently. She is a hard worker with excellent attention to detail. Since Jeanna has taken over the badges for security, the process is smooth and easy.

Jeanna is an excellent team player. Her job is an important part of making new employee orientation get off the ground running in the morning. When my day is hectic during HWO, Jeanna has even walked the badges with changes or other things up to the ASB without any complaints.

Jeanna handles her responsibilities professionally and goes out of her way to assure that things are done right and on time. She is extremely well organized and follows up on all tasks assigned. She accomplishes all of this with a caring attitude that makes everyone feel that they are important.

Jeanna's professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service allows for a very positive reflection for New Hires as their first experience for working at Trinitas.

Existing employees and department heads also benefit from Jeanna's timely responsiveness to correcting badge, door access and parking issues. She is an asset to the Human Resources team.