Employee of the Month

Katiana Febus - July 2019 Employee of the Month

There's Something About Katiana...

Katiana exhibits an exemplary quality of patient service and personal attention to detail. Her attention to detail, individual needs and as a TRMC representative is beyond measure rarely found in an impersonalized world.

Katiana has a strong sense of understanding, compassion, invaluable insights to assist all patients and their families or representatives. She has good communication skills (a basic foundation in any vocation). She is emotionally stable and works well under stress and trauma.

Katiana exudes empathy and is flexible. She has an exemplary demeanor. Katiana pays attention to a situation's detail. She also exhibits exceptional interpersonal skills.

Katiana excels in problem solving skills and can think in or out of the box.

Katiana accords patients, their families and their representatives the highest quality of service and can be depended upon to execute services in every situation.

Katiana offers impeccable patient relationships, has excellent interpersonal skills, and is a tireless worker demonstrating perfection. She is an asset to Trinitas. Her enduring ethical, personal care and professionalism and is a credit to Trinitas and its staff.