Employee of the Month

Brenda Rojas - October 2018 Employee of the Month

There's Something About Brenda...

Brenda is the true definition of a team player. Anything anyone ever needs, she is ready, willing and able to do whatever is needed. Brenda has been an asset to the Foundation, always selling items for the employee fundraisers, hanging ornaments during Season of Hope and eager to lend a hand. Brenda even looks out for the Foundation when a patient mentions a positive experience by putting us in touch with them immediately.

Brenda embraces changes that are made in our organization and adheres to its policies willingly.

Brenda's customer service skills are wonderful. She always has a smile, does what people ask, and is friendly, courteous and a problem solver. Brenda is an example for all employees to emulate.

Brenda's work ethic is inspiring. She does not stop until the job is done. Brenda is able to know what is needed and completes tasks before asked to do so. Her crystal ball works overtime and she is a master of reading it. Though she is an employee of the Admitting department, she completes any task needed for the Ed Registration, Information Desk, and Scheduling departments also.

Brenda takes care of our Seniors First applications and makes sure they are mailed to members. Brenda is not only a team player, she is the Captain of our team. She will take on any job that is given to her and does so with a smile. She is thorough, reliable and everyone in our department depends on her.

Brenda is always the first to volunteer to help; she is the first one in our department to sign up to scoop the ice cream, hand out the desserts. She will jump in to decorate for our holiday programs, and has made homemade gifts for the children that entertain us during the holiday season. She is part of the committee that honors our Employees of the Month and does so enthusiastically and looks forward to the presentation monthly.