Employee of the Month

Patricia Ramirez - December 2018 Employee of the Month

There's Something About Patricia...

Pat began her career at the former Trinitas Regional Medical Center at 17 years old trained under Mrs. Eileen Mulroy. She was in Junior High, and worked part-time as a nursing assistant on 4N in 2002 until she was transferred to 8South. Pat is loved by patients and families, as well as her colleagues.

The physicians, nurses, and anesthesiologists in Endoscopy love to work with Pat. She makes things so simple and fun, in the high-paced, high-demand work environment. She learned the technical skills needed to ensure that flexible scopes are reprocessed properly within the specified time so that the gastroenterologists have a scope to use for their patients. Pat also demonstrates good moral values and that is a good asset as an employee of the month.

Pat is very passionate with her work at TRMC. She is very responsible, starting work at 6:30 am and may not go home until 10pm depending on the number of patients added in the list of procedures for the day. She does not complain at all. She will move her day off or PTO to accommodate the needs of the department.

Pat has a generous heart and a willing spirit. She is cheerful in doing the work assigned to her. She is very pleasant to work with. Pat checks and makes sure of the availability of supplies, and the needs of our department. Her positive attitude is very infectious and it helps lift the morale of the department.

Even when she is busy, Pat tries to entertain inquiries and helps as requested. In times of busyness, she creates an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Pat is such an asset to the department. She is not only a great endo tech, but she goes the extra mile to help doctors and nurses by calling patients to come in on time, thus facilitating the flow of scheduled procedures.

Pat was a customer service unit representative on 8 South. During her time as a member of the Council, she played as a patient in the "S.M.I.L.E" video that was presented to the Nursing department as a customer service in-service to that department. When transferred to Endoscopy, she volunteered to stay in the Nursing customer service council to promote excellence in patient experience.