Human Resources

Policies And Procedures

TRMC Policies
Employment And Training
E-1 Equal Employment Opportunity
E-2 Recruitment New Hire Process
E-3 Transfer Policy
E-4 Orientation
E-5 Job Posting
E-6 Competency Assessment
E-7 Employment Classifications
E-8 Employment of Relatives
E-9 Sign-On Bonus Program
E-10 Credentials
E-11 Recruitment, Retention, Development & Continuing Education Plan
E-12 Utilization of Agency Personnel
E-13 Licensure
E-14 Education Regarding EMTALA

Employee Relations
ER-1 Grievance Problem Review
ER-2 Reduction in Force
ER-3 Code of Conduct
ER-4 Prevention of Workplace Violence
ER-5 Punctuality
ER-6 Drug-Free Workplace
ER-7 Staff Rights
ER-8 Harassment
ER-9 Forensic/Vendor/Temporary Agency Guidebook
ER-10 Workplace Safety Surveillance
ER-11 Dress Code/Personal Appearance
ER-12 Rules of Conduct/Disciplinary Action
ER-13 Employee Workforce Termination, LOA and Suspension Procedures
ER-14 Leadership and Employee Communication
ER-15 Break Time for Nursing Mothers to Express Milk
ER-16 Union Free/NLRB Poster
ER-17 Domestic Violence

B-1 Family Medical Leave
B-2 Bereavement Leave
B-3 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
B-4 Employee Health Insurance
B-5 Employee Dental Insurance
B-6 Life Insurance and AD&D
B-7 Out-Patient Services for Employees
B-8 Civic Duty Leave
B-9 Tuition Reimbursement
B-10 Paid Time-Off Management Policy
B-11 Sisters of Charity Saint Elizabeth - External Attendance Required

RA-1 Confidentiality of Employee Records
RA-2 Release of Reference Information
RA-3 Approval of Volunteer Practitioners in the Event of Disaster
RA-4 Social Networking Sites

WS-1 Wage & Salary Administration Program
WS-2 Grant-Funded Positions
WS-3 Overtime
WS-4 Weather Emergencies and Transit Delays
WS-5 BSN/MSN Degree and RN National Certification Differential Program
WS-6 12-Hour Alternative Work Schedule for Registered Nurses
WS-7 On-Call Pay
WS-8 Employment of Minors
WS-9 Telecommuting